Losing Weight is Hard (Really Hard!) When You’re Middle-Aged

For some of you, the title may be stating the obvious!  I’ve previously posted about my sudden weight-gain and my struggle to get in better shape.  I haven’t posted about it for a while, because for a long time I was not getting anywhere.  In fact, I was continuing to gain!  Over the last 15 years, I’ve hovered around the same weight, except during extreme times such as pregnancies, or weight-loss because of severe stress.  I was about 15 lbs. overweight.  I wanted to lose a little, but I wasn’t overweight enough to make it a real priority.

I guess it really started about this time last year.  I gained 8 lbs. and I just couldn’t take it off.  Six months later, I put on another 8 lbs., which also refused to leave me.  Besides that, my triglycerides were elevated.  That bothered me more than the vanity aspect (although, I’m not gonna lie.  I was bothered by how I looked . . . and I really didn’t want to buy a whole new, larger wardrobe).

I was trying the military diet, and trying to fit in exercise.  But, I just wasn’t sticking with anything.  A friend of mine was posting her great results using YOLI, so starting on 01/02, I started using their products and strictly sticking to their meal plan.

There are a lot of things that I like about YOLI.  But, there are also some negatives.  It is really expensive.  With YOLI, you don’t eat dinner, you have a meal replacement shake.  This makes sense, because I understand when you eat late in the evening, and then are inactive, that food can just turn to fat.  But, I miss going out to dinner with my family, or sitting down for dinner at home.  There also isn’t a real clear path laid out about what you should do once you reach goal weight or after you finish the initial 28-day transformation.  The good thing about that is that it’s pretty flexible at that point.  But, maybe flexibility isn’t such a good thing for me?

I am happy to say that I have lost 9 lbs. in about 2.5 weeks.  The results motivate me to keep going!  I also feel that it is a pretty healthy plan, and I won’t be surprised if, at my annual doctor’s appointment next month, my triglycerides will be back in the normal range.

This plan was appealing to me because I knew that I needed to make getting healthier a priority.  This was a change in lifestyle, and not an easy one.  But, I had to bite the bullet to see any real results.  The other thing that has helped . . . my husband and I have a bet to see who will lose the most weight this month!  Also, my friend who was using YOLI is my coach, so I have accountability all over the place.  I would hate to go to her and say I didn’t stick to it!

I also really want to win that bet . . .

3 thoughts on “Losing Weight is Hard (Really Hard!) When You’re Middle-Aged”

  1. Great job! Keep up the good work! I’m one of those that always had a problem gaining weight, that is until I hit my 40s. Had a hysterectomy at 37 and things went downhill from there. LOL I needed to gain weight but I’m not healthy. I have several medical issues and some of them keep me from getting the proper exercise. Hopefully, I can change that this year and find things I can do that won’t hurt me further. Anyways, you go girl!

  2. How exciting! That’s awesome results. I always gain some weight over the winter and I’m working hard to drop some weight too. You keep up the great work!

  3. You are doing fantastic!!! Losing weight can be so difficult but this sounds like a great program… I’m in my 40’s and I find with each passing year it’s harder and harder to lose weight.

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