Can I Do it All?

I recently saw a video where Mike Rowe said you should not follow your dreams, but follow opportunity.  Wait, do you know who Mike Rowe is?  Among other things he used to host Dirty Jobs.  I really liked that show.  You should check it out if you haven’t seen it.

Anyway, he said most of the successful people he has met looked around for opportunity, exploited the opportunity, worked hard to make it work, and found a way to love it.

I agree with this, because many of us aren’t fortunate enough to figure out that one thing we’re passionate about and make that our livelihood.  Most people I know haven’t even stayed in the same field their whole career.  Quite a few of them have had two or three careers.

My career started in Human Resources.  The opportunity to be a Regional Manager over Customer Service presented itself.  I wanted the chance to manage others, so I took the job.  I learned a ton, and I was in that position for over nine years.  I always thought getting back into HR would be an option for me, as I was certified, and I used my HR knowledge daily.  As it turned out though, that wasn’t the case.  For whatever reason, I’ve found getting another position in HR to be difficult.

I can think of many opportunities throughout my career that I seized.  Some worked out, and some didn’t.  A few months ago, I was given a promotion at work.  It’s a great opportunity in Safety, which is outside of my background in HR, but still overlapping.  The new job requires me to work an additional hour a day.  In addition, I’ve decided to further my education in this area, so I’m taking an online Occupational Safety course through the local community college.  I’ve been able to complete most of my assignments over my lunch hour.

I’ve noticed, since I started the new job in September, that I fall asleep early (the same time as the kids) most nights.  I have plenty to do and I used to get a lot done at night, but I’ve decided I must need the sleep, so most nights I don’t fight it.  The blog has suffered some.  I haven’t posted as often because writing is something I used to do after the kids went to sleep.  Also, while it’s good to have some things going on in my life to feel inspired, I’m so mentally engaged lately that I don’t seem to have the mental energy left to be creative.

I’m getting an A in my class right now, so that makes me happy.  I’m also glad to be back in a more professional-level position.  But, some other areas may be suffering.  I’ve only been taking the class for two weeks, so we’ll see how I’m doing when that settles down some.  Right now, it feels like a lot, so I don’t yet know if I’ll be able to do it all.  I’m hopeful that it will all be worth it.

Have you ever had a time when you wonder if you’re taking on too much?


2 thoughts on “Can I Do it All?”

  1. I went back to school in 2006 and it felt very overwhelming to me… I didn’t have spousal support… in fact my husband had forbid me to enroll in university. I took classes and studied while my children were in school and I felt exhausted most of the time. When my husband walked out I wanted to give up because it was overwhelming but I stuck with it and was so happy when I received my degree… I think you absolutely can do it all…. You have a strength in you and I believe in your abilities! You are blessed with a wonderful support system and that along with your faith will carry you through 🙂

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