Silk Plants Direct Outdoor Tree Review

I’ve been blogging for a year and nine months, and for the first time I received something in exchange for providing a review.  Finally!  Super exciting!

Before I get started, let me tell you a little about my history with plants and why I jumped on this opportunity.

When I was in my 20’s, I always had houseplants.  For a while, I lived in an apartment with a “sun room”.  When I lived there, I had ten to fifteen houseplants.  I was really into caring for them.  I had no pets or kids.  I had one plant for probably 15 years.

Then, I got married, got a dog, and had a baby.  I said good-bye to all of the plants, and haven’t looked back.

Now let’s talk about my relationship with outdoor plants.  Here, I’ll keep it succinct.  I have a bad back, and bony knees.  These are not the makings of a good gardener.  My husband handles the yard.

So, when I found out about the opportunity to do a review on artificial plants, it seemed to be for me.  I’m all about low maintenance.

While I could have selected an indoor plant, I decided I liked the idea of an outdoor artificial plant because it seemed a little different.  You see artificial indoor plants all the time, but I wasn’t sure I had ever seen an artificial outdoor plant.

This plant is from Silk Plants Direct.  I chose the Cedar Pine Tree.  Besides finding the idea of an outdoor artificial plant interesting, with Christmas coming up, I thought the kids and I might put some lights on it and leave it indoors for a while!

The box it arrived in was very narrow, so the plant was pretty scrunched up.  This is how it looked after a couple of days.

So, admittedly, not quite like the photo online.  But, the branches may go down more after a little time.  I figure it’s okay that it’s not perfect and symmetrical, because a live bush wouldn’t be either.  The pot is a little out of proportion, but if I were going to put it outside, I would get a larger, decorative planter.  Problem solved.

The leaves look super realistic to me (maybe just a little bit too shiny).

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’ll give it a 7.  I definitely think it would be worthwhile to check out some of their other plants.  Use the code BLOGGER10 and receive a 10% discount on your purchase!


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