I Want to Be Star of the Week

My daughter will be “Star of the Week” at her preschool next week.  It is a pretty exciting time for her, but it’s sadly the last time at this rodeo for us as a family.  My son also attended the same preschool for two years.  This is my daughter’s second, and final year.

You may be wondering what on earth is “Star of the Week”?  It’s not anything the kids earn.  Every child gets to be the Star of the Week once during the year.  I had to print out 5 – 7 photos of my daughter, the rest of the family and her pets.  She and I will complete a sheet about her favorite things.  Her photos will be displayed in the hallway for the whole school to see all week.

But, here’s the best part.  Show and Tell.  She has school four days per week, and she gets to bring up to two items every single day for the week.  I loved show and tell as a child.  Am I alone here?  It’s got me wondering what it was about Show and Tell that I loved so much.

I guess it’s getting to share something about yourself.  It’s got me thinking – I would still like to do that as an adult!  Maybe that should be my next meeting or training icebreaker!  I think it’s a great idea.

It’s also got me to thinking about the seemingly contradictory idea that everyone is special.  When we show and tell our treasures, it does feel like we’re telling what it is that makes us special.

A lot of people complain about sports now – how everyone gets a trophy, regardless of talent, skill, or hard work, and how that isn’t right.  And, to an extent, I agree.  But, it seems there is a place for the idea that everyone should have a chance to feel special.

But, if everyone is special, then doesn’t the word lose its meaning? Can everyone be special?  It depends on which definition you choose.

As usual, I went to my go-to – dictionary.com.  If you focus on the definition of being “distinguished or different from what is ordinary or usual”, then, no, everyone cannot be special.  Only people different from the ordinary . . . However, I like this definition better:  “having a specific or particular function, purpose, etc.”  We can all be special then, can’t we?  We all have a particular, important, unique purpose.  I like that a lot.

A little off-topic is the noun definition:  “a special person or thing.”  Sorry, but I can’t think of anything but Emmet being “The Special” in The Lego Movie, which I think has inspired my next post, which will be about why everyone should see The Lego Movie, whether they have kids or not.

Okay.  Sorry.  Had to go there.  Back to the idea about each of us being special.  A co-worker has a little snippet hung in his cubicle about “Special Snowflakes”.  I’m sure you’ve heard the idea that younger generations feel entitled, are easily offended, etc.  So, it could be argued that what I’m describing sounds a little like that.

But, hopefully, it’s a little (or a lot) deeper.  If you have more than one child, certainly one or more of them have asked who is your favorite, or who you love the most.  Whether you have have one child, or fifteen, your children are special to you because they are yours (whether biological or adopted), and each one is different and special in their own way.

I’ve wondered if that’s how God sees us, too.  If He loves us all, can each individual also be special?  Lyrics from a Johnny Diaz song come to my mind:

“There could never be a more beautiful you
Don’t buy the lies, disguises and hoops, they make you jump through
You were made to fill a purpose that only you could do
So there could never be a more beautiful you”










6 thoughts on “I Want to Be Star of the Week”

  1. I have to say that this post was amazingly written and involves a lot of very thought provoking ideas, and great conversation pieces. I love the idea of your little’s school doing the star of the week – with everyone getting a turn. It teaches that each person gets their turn, be patient and to show interest in meeting/learning about someone. It also touches on the not everyone deserves a trophy – only the winners, which I agree with. But, I also agree that the other players deserve recognition also – this teaches good sportsmanship/team-ship, and that everyone’s input is valued – and that is the best way to help kids grow up to make a difference in our world. Thank you for this wonderful post! <3

  2. Those “last time” moments can be so bittersweet. I’m so glad to hear it’s been a special year for her. All of my kids absolutely loved show and tell!

  3. What a fun time at school for your daughter, star of the week sounds awesome! My kids also loved show and tell at school! My daughter is in grade 2 this year and they don’t do it and she is missing it.

  4. I love doing these kind of activities in class. It teaches children patients but also teaches them to be polite. If everyone was quiet while they were sharing, they need to show the same respect. My class also does a rotating roster for variousness practical life skills. Even being in charge of laundry for the week gets the children excited!

  5. What a cute tradition! And I love the idea of doing something like this as an adult. I also love the definition for special being somebody with purpose or special talent that they bring to the table. I think that’s a great way to view how we can all be different and I’ll be special at the same time.

    Enjoy this time with your Littles! What a bittersweet time in your/their lives.

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