Are You a Good Listener?

Most people aren’t.  In fact, you have probably encountered a few people today who either interrupted you or were just thinking about what they were going to say next while you were talking.

“Listening is the new loving”.  I heard Luis Palau say this on K-LOVE the other day.  It sounds cheesy coming from me, but not from him.

I remember going through an interview several years ago.  It was through a staffing agency, and the woman had such fine listening skills, it actually took me off-guard.  You have probably heard some tips about active listening.   Paraphrase back to the person what they’ve said.  Get confirmation that you’ve understood, etc.  She was so good at paraphrasing what I had said, she said it far better than I did originally.  An impressive skill.

It can be frustrating speaking to a poor listener.  But, when two poor listeners get together – watch out.  It’s a bit like two narcissists.

I’m getting a little negative here.  It’s obvious that it’s a treat to talk to a good listener.  But, what are some of the positives of being a good listener?

When my anxiety was at its worst, I went to a counselor for a while.  I was telling her about how I had to give an employee some bad news about her job.  I told her how I hated for this person to have negative feelings about me, when I was only the messenger, and not the decision-maker.  She challenged me to take the focus off of myself, and instead truly focus on this person . . . listening and thinking about what I could do for her, instead of getting anxious about how she was thinking and feeling about me.

If you suffer from anxiety, a trick to reduce some of your anxious feelings is to take the focus off of yourself.  So, you are not only benefiting the other person by genuinely listening; you are also helping yourself.

I think I’m a pretty good listener, but not all of the time.  My husband would say I’m a poor listener at times.  Our house can be chaotic – so yes, it’s true.  I don’t always catch everything.  Like most people, if I have stressful things going on, I can be distracted.  But, I recognize that it is a choice to be a good listener – and it takes an effort.  Hmmm . . . kind of like it being a choice to love someone.  It takes effort to make relationships (romantic or otherwise) last.  So, maybe Luis Palau is right.  Maybe listening is the new loving.  What do you think?



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  1. This is such an amazingly wonderful subject! I love the lessons that you listed about listening. It is such a hard thing to do and very mindful to indeed listen. Thank you for such a great subject and all of the tips on how to become a better listener!

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